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Written in the Stars

Ok I’m scared as hell, but the book is out there now.

I do hope everyone who has followed me, continues to follow me, and has personally connected with me will check the book out. It’s mostly finished. A little revision and editing is still needed, but it’s time. For whatever reason I felt this was the time to give it to you!

God Bless you all and thank you for the inspiration to give something back to the world!

Finally you can’t hold much more and you burst–leaking through the mask of indifference you have worn for so long. The pain rises to the surface. Shatters you

The Butterfly Sculpture — A. Snow Infinite

For the longest time, I was meaning to make a painting or some kind of artwork to make the living room in my home feel, well more homey. I had a painted canvas frame… More Info…

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@ceejaedevine and I have been having conversations here and there about the soul.

Her beliefs and experiences have brought her to understand that the soul/spirit that we carry is maybe as simple as personality/consciousness.

There’s so many interesting connections when it comes to this.

For me I find Soul to be the carrier of spirit and God. Synchronicity in my life and personal experiences have shown me that there is a connection with the unnameable in life that transcends all logic and rationalization. At the same time it gives reputable validation toward events such as a friend calling when you were just thinking about them, a song playing at just the right time popping on while reading a paragraph that fits the music perfectly.

This instance I bring up only because this song

The Jarmels : A Little Bit of Soap ( 1961 )


popped on when I was reading the book

and the topic was about the soul. I’ve heard this song many times in my life and always believed it was saying the soul, but after looking it up and seeing that has to do with soap I felt it was a mixed signal.

Half God saying don’t look into everything as if only on the surface and the other saying the feeling that I received once hearing it as I read the following words are still inspiring enough for you to share if you feel the need to.

So here I am sharing what I was inspired wrongly via synchronicity from a song, a book, and an ongoing discussion about the soul.

Chapter 3 Life’s Purpose
Pg 70
Experience Soul/Self (I Am) Thus one can hang for a while the robe of personality and the robe of body to a coat-hanger and be a soul! It is the simplest way and far better than strenuously trying to repair the body and repair the personality to experience the soul. This path of repairing is a laborious path. Instead stand out from them and experience the soul. Once one realises that one is a soul, one remains intact even while one is in an imperfect personality or imperfect body. As soul one can even repair faster one’s personality and body. As personality one cannot repair one’s own personality. An imperfect personality is like a broken hand. When the hands are broken, what repair can one do to oneself? An imperfect personality when it attempts to perfect itself fails in doing so, because it 71 is imperfect. Therefore the easier way is observation, witnessing, watching oneself. When one watches within, when one witnesses within one’s body one sees many things. One sees the functioning of awareness flowing from oneself. One can also see life and its flowing through the self. One can see the functioning of the solar system in oneself. One can also see the inner astronomy and astrology. The science of observation or witnessing is a great science by itself, by which many attain to be the soul. To be a soul is to get back to the original state of Beness. Such Be-ness is blissful. The purpose of life is thus accomplished. The rhythm of life and the ritual of life thus get fulfilled.

Click to access sanat_kumara.pdf

What’s interesting to me to note is not only, is the few paragraphs about the soul and the personality, but it’s also about how the two are conflicting with one another when we are trying to connect to God through acknowledging ourselves as the soul not the personality.

However I believe the personality has just as much to offer to the human experience as long as we don’t allow it to control our Soul’s calling when it comes to our purpose in life.

I like to see the personality as a way for our true individual essence to come through all on its own. The minute we try to smother it, battle it, deny it, or glamorize it, is the minute the soul has been forgotten once again.

The other reason I find this so interesting is of course the timing of the find. Easter! But also because Jung was a seeker and experienced psyche researcher. He also understood what the personality represented as well as coined the term Synchronicity.

I love everything about this experience today. It was really eye opening and educating for me to read, learn, connect, listen, understand, and share for others to hopefully connect with as well.

Moral of the story is use the soap to wash out all that isn’t you so the real you can shine brightly in the world as the soul’s true personality.

God bless

Happy Easter!



Synchronicity Darling

Re-Imagining the World Together

An idea that’s been bubbling inside me. Please tell me if you think this is a good idea and if you would be interested in contributing to the library. Thank you a head of time! God Bless.

Do you have synchronicity occurring in your life?

Do you want to know what synchronicity is?

Are you willing to spend a little of your time to find out?

Are you interested in reading about other peoples experiences and if they connect to your synchronicity?

Are you willing to share your own?

I’m looking to create a library of personal synchronicity experiences.

If you’re interested then look no further. You’ve come to the right place at exactly the right time.
Why am I doing this?

I feel if the average person had a place where they could go to see all the different people experiencing synchronicity it would help us in the following…

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Quotes 10

As I continued to watch the spinning of the moving gizmos I saw where the energy field connected with a higher more vibrant field oscillating with a precision we could never have reached with our created inventions. The source that provided everything in the universe allowed us to connect to it and return into our world without us knowing. Without the illusion being aware. Immediately from the oscillating field I saw how the universe existed into infinity. That’s when my mind’s eye brightened. I was gifted to finally know what the universe was. The universe was a reflection of infinity. It was so perfect, so amazing, and yet so simple! Staring us in the face night and day. Cycle after cycle until we would finally all accept the truth. I saw how the gizmos and gadgets we invented was the universe’s way of revealing the truth to us. Allowing us to gaze into the mirror that we uncovered to see infinity for itself. It gave us the gift to learn one another. As we learned the gadgets the universe learned who we were. We learned the universe unconsciously while the universe used full wisdom that it was created with to learn us. As we evolved it evolved because we were both beautifully one and the same. The more mechanically created dreams we brought into our lives the more the universe was able to bring the infinite potential it existed as into ours. I began to ponder the significance of this truth. If we used these gizmos in our everyday lives, were we looking into a reflection of our true selves? An answer streamlined into my mind again.

Quotes 9

As I continued to lie quietly with my stillness, the visions began to make themselves clearer in a way that I could fully understand the language that was being spoken to me. I began to breathe deeper, allowing my body to connect with all the feelings that merged into the place where I still lied wide awake.
Thus allowing the surrounding environment to tell me it’s story without interruption. It was time and I was ready to know the truth. At least that was what my soul was saying to me, using a compassionate urgency. In a brief flash everything began to express its entire existence. One by one, vision after vision, everything tumbled into my awareness and I woke up even more.

Quotes pt 8

He opened the map quickly to see the first page and instead of a place, his eyes laid themselves on a phrase that only he could know. That only his family had carried along through all generations. One that he remembered telling his children once. A flood of tears began to splash down his cheeks with a smile of love flooding through his heart.

“Nothing magical can happen in your life until you allow the sparks of imagination to come to life” he whispered into her ear as she fell asleep against the floor.

Soul Light

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Quotes pt 7

She stared back with all her might before she dared to succumb her energy to read the page. But all that she could do was shed a tear down her dry cheek. Her eyes gave up and finally landed on the page’s animation. There it was right up to the point where he the madman before her was shown handing her the book. As she continued to look, everything she did in that moment as she looked at the page was slowly brought to life in the page that glowed before her eyes. The page of the map acted as if a mirror & destiny was her reflection. The red heavy withered rectangle fell softly through the air quietly to the ground. As her body silently fell to the ground fainting from the insane reality she was now apart of.

Soul Light

#soul #light #heart #universe #book #silence #stars #light #love #alexisnow #ceejaedevine #spirit #heart #words #diamond #diary #beauty #poetry #writing #sacred #forever #infinite #eternity #sun #time #dream #hope #truth #beginning #wisdom #bloom #glow #grow #life #confusion #Confucius #destiny #mirror #reflection #reality


Quotes pt 6

He was use to the irrationality that spit from her personality. The final stance that the costume would take before revealing the true face hiding in the shadows of self perpetuated denial. It occurred with all beings when it came to them learning the truth about themselves. Such a simple thing to explain yet so complicated for one to fully understand. That is what kept him hiding for all eternity. The craziness of it all.

Soul Light


#soul #light #heart #universe #book #silence #stars #light #love #alexisnow #ceejaedevine #spirit #heart #words #diamond #diary #beauty #poetry #writing #sacred #forever #infinite #eternity #sun #time #dream #hope #truth #beginning #wisdom #bloom #glow #grow #life #confusion #Confucius


Quotes pt 5

Her breathe deepened, her skin flexed forward, her blood wandered through the tunnels coming from her quickly beating heart. He stared with a mocking smile in response to her response. As if it wasn’t such a difficult mystery to solve.

Soul Light


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