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The Five Love Languages – Book Review

Even if everything is going smoothly in your relationship and you think that knowing how to love someone is kind of obvious, you still need to read this.

Source: The Five Love Languages – Book Review


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    For a long time I searched for ways to understand my relationships, and this book helped immensely, but as I think about the direction I am being compelled to try to understand more deeply in my writing, which is to understand how God works in the world and how people understand God, I think the ideas that are in this book have even more value than the author realizes.

    We tend to categorize information in this period of time, and I think that is creating problems, that at least some of the concepts that make up the foundations of life should not be being pigeonholed into categories that lead us to believe they are only applicable to certain areas of our lives. Hopefully I will be able to get an essay written about more of my thoughts on this soon!

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    March 12, 2016 at 5:37 pm

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