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My old stomping grounds

This is where I used to blog. I’m not into that place any longer.

We’ve separated, but I still left my things over at their house. I figure this is a compromise of sorts.

If you don’t feel like travelling I took something to share here instead of making you walk all the way over there.

The long shadows of the disappearing truth. Part 1

The long shadows of the disappearing truth. Part 1
I know that technology is at the core of the glitch. What I can’t come to an agreement within myself about is whether it’s a blessing in disguise or it’s a repressed memory embedded within our collective consciousness.
In other words.
Is the true purpose of technology to free us once and for all from living in our detached ways with one another or is it here only because it’s locked into humanity’s original purpose?
This is something that I can’t shake over the last few days. The repetition of robots and technology in the mainstream media over the past few decades is curious to say the least. Many people say many different reasons for why this might be, but all of them only touch the surface of something that underlies all those reasons. Some reasons which are superficial “It’s cool!” to reasons that lean toward educational such as “We have evolved”.
There are other reasons as well that support technology but leave us overall without ever giving us a good reason for technologies importance. That at the moment…. I don’t have a good enough example of because I myself do support technology for reasons such as mentioned in this paragraph itself.
However I do also know that obsession over technology, is not allowing us to balance our lives properly enough to make decisions for ourselves, remember important dates, information, numbers using our own thinking muscle, and alleviates any reason for spirituality to have any sort of importance when it comes to technology. In fact more often then not it gives us a green light when it comes to self serving principles which spearhead new fresh ideas about how God is no longer worth searching for compared to a God particle.
Strange isn’t it? I thankfully have been given a podium with a microphone to use to help bring my ideas and spiritual guidance (if it can even be called that) to people such as yourself. The catch is who doesn’t have this podium with a microphone? And there you have it. Everyone has this capability. So I guess my next question is where is difference now? What makes a person unique? I mean if we’re all using the microphone that means we’re all (even if it’s only fractional} a little similar. There’s no denying that.
Sure technology has given us advances, cures, capabilities we never had, a reach to things we never could have reached, an inundated amount of ideas anyone could surf, a collective grouping of people who were outcasts becoming normal while the normal groupings become more and more outcast-ed.
But I stand firm that we need balance. We need a little personal one on one time with people. Technology was only supposed to support our society not control it or us. Did we forget this? While I’m typing away someone somewhere is possibly reading a post while on their phone driving to a city with their satellite radio on while their driving companions are all on ipads, ipods, or iphones. The I’s have it! Don’t they? It’s all I these days and no us, but we can change it and fortunately we are.
Even if that change is being done through a boring post about technology and the meaning behind it’s purpose.
At least I’m sharing the idea with you instead of keeping it all for I-self.
Thanks for reading.
God Bless

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