By sharing our creative gifts with the world we re-imagine what the world can be together

Quotes 10

As I continued to watch the spinning of the moving gizmos I saw where the energy field connected with a higher more vibrant field oscillating with a precision we could never have reached with our created inventions. The source that provided everything in the universe allowed us to connect to it and return into our world without us knowing. Without the illusion being aware. Immediately from the oscillating field I saw how the universe existed into infinity. That’s when my mind’s eye brightened. I was gifted to finally know what the universe was. The universe was a reflection of infinity. It was so perfect, so amazing, and yet so simple! Staring us in the face night and day. Cycle after cycle until we would finally all accept the truth. I saw how the gizmos and gadgets we invented was the universe’s way of revealing the truth to us. Allowing us to gaze into the mirror that we uncovered to see infinity for itself. It gave us the gift to learn one another. As we learned the gadgets the universe learned who we were. We learned the universe unconsciously while the universe used full wisdom that it was created with to learn us. As we evolved it evolved because we were both beautifully one and the same. The more mechanically created dreams we brought into our lives the more the universe was able to bring the infinite potential it existed as into ours. I began to ponder the significance of this truth. If we used these gizmos in our everyday lives, were we looking into a reflection of our true selves? An answer streamlined into my mind again.

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