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@ceejaedevine and I have been having conversations here and there about the soul.

Her beliefs and experiences have brought her to understand that the soul/spirit that we carry is maybe as simple as personality/consciousness.

There’s so many interesting connections when it comes to this.

For me I find Soul to be the carrier of spirit and God. Synchronicity in my life and personal experiences have shown me that there is a connection with the unnameable in life that transcends all logic and rationalization. At the same time it gives reputable validation toward events such as a friend calling when you were just thinking about them, a song playing at just the right time popping on while reading a paragraph that fits the music perfectly.

This instance I bring up only because this song

The Jarmels : A Little Bit of Soap ( 1961 )


popped on when I was reading the book

and the topic was about the soul. I’ve heard this song many times in my life and always believed it was saying the soul, but after looking it up and seeing that has to do with soap I felt it was a mixed signal.

Half God saying don’t look into everything as if only on the surface and the other saying the feeling that I received once hearing it as I read the following words are still inspiring enough for you to share if you feel the need to.

So here I am sharing what I was inspired wrongly via synchronicity from a song, a book, and an ongoing discussion about the soul.

Chapter 3 Life’s Purpose
Pg 70
Experience Soul/Self (I Am) Thus one can hang for a while the robe of personality and the robe of body to a coat-hanger and be a soul! It is the simplest way and far better than strenuously trying to repair the body and repair the personality to experience the soul. This path of repairing is a laborious path. Instead stand out from them and experience the soul. Once one realises that one is a soul, one remains intact even while one is in an imperfect personality or imperfect body. As soul one can even repair faster one’s personality and body. As personality one cannot repair one’s own personality. An imperfect personality is like a broken hand. When the hands are broken, what repair can one do to oneself? An imperfect personality when it attempts to perfect itself fails in doing so, because it 71 is imperfect. Therefore the easier way is observation, witnessing, watching oneself. When one watches within, when one witnesses within one’s body one sees many things. One sees the functioning of awareness flowing from oneself. One can also see life and its flowing through the self. One can see the functioning of the solar system in oneself. One can also see the inner astronomy and astrology. The science of observation or witnessing is a great science by itself, by which many attain to be the soul. To be a soul is to get back to the original state of Beness. Such Be-ness is blissful. The purpose of life is thus accomplished. The rhythm of life and the ritual of life thus get fulfilled.

What’s interesting to me to note is not only, is the few paragraphs about the soul and the personality, but it’s also about how the two are conflicting with one another when we are trying to connect to God through acknowledging ourselves as the soul not the personality.

However I believe the personality has just as much to offer to the human experience as long as we don’t allow it to control our Soul’s calling when it comes to our purpose in life.

I like to see the personality as a way for our true individual essence to come through all on its own. The minute we try to smother it, battle it, deny it, or glamorize it, is the minute the soul has been forgotten once again.

The other reason I find this so interesting is of course the timing of the find. Easter! But also because Jung was a seeker and experienced psyche researcher. He also understood what the personality represented as well as coined the term Synchronicity.

I love everything about this experience today. It was really eye opening and educating for me to read, learn, connect, listen, understand, and share for others to hopefully connect with as well.

Moral of the story is use the soap to wash out all that isn’t you so the real you can shine brightly in the world as the soul’s true personality.

God bless

Happy Easter!



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